GO FUZE™ Liquid Solution | 1 Liter Bottle

GO FUZE™ Liquid Solution | 1 Liter Bottle


• Dye-Sub to Cotton Made Super Easy–Just Spray and Press!
• Allows Any Standard Dye-Sub Ink to “fuze” to 100% Cotton Fabrics
• Handheld Kits Available
• Patent-Pending Polymer Chemistry
• Highly Compatible with GO SubliMate Dye Sub Ink
• Transfer Dye Sub Images onto Cotton Textiles

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GO FUZE™ Liquid Solution | Dye-Sub to Cotton | Spray & Press
The GO Fuze dye-sub to cotton liquid solution allows standard dye-sub ink to fuze to cotton fabric. Any dye-sub printer will be capable of imaging transfers for use with both polyester and cotton using GO Fuze™ liquid solution.

Recommended Dye Sub Ink: GO SubliMate Ink

What is GO FUZE™ Solution?
The GO Fuze™ Solution is a liquid solution which can be used with virtually all brands of dye-sub inks. This extraordinary new capability uses new patent-pending polymer chemistry, which allows standard dye-sub ink to "fuse" to cotton fabric. Any dye-sub printer will be capable of imaging transfers for use with both polyester and cotton using the GO Fuze™ liquid solution.

Does it matter the brand of dye-sub ink?
Virtually all brands of dye-sub ink will work with GO Fuze™ Liquid Solution. Although we have not tested with all dye sub inks we do know if the ink is of sufficient quality then GO Fuze™ will work. In addition, our SubliMate™ dye sub ink has the highest compatibility with the GO Fuze™ solution and priced at only $59 per liter.

How is GO Fuze™ Applied?
The GO Fuze™ Solution can be applied by a hand-held applicator or with a standard t-shirt automatic pre-treat device that many companies offering DTG printing already have. All a user has to do is apply the GO Fuze™ Solution to the cotton and then either heat press or allow the cotton fabric to dry. Once the GO Fuze™ solution is dry a user can print a dye-sub transfer sheet using their standard process and transfer the image using a heat press.

Key Features

  • Dye-Sub to Cotton Made Super Easy–Just Spray and Press!
  • Ability to Transfer Dye-Sub Images to Cotton and Polyester
  • Works with Virtually Any Dye-Sub Ink Brands, Including Sawgrass
  • Can Use the Same Ink for Dye-Sub and Cotton Transfers
  • Easily Apply Fuze Solution to Cotton Fabrics
  • No Other Additional Equipment Costs
  • Works with All Printers Using MicroTFP Piezo Printheads
  • Kit Includes a 1.5 Liter Pressurized Pump Hand Held Applicator
  • Simple Process–Easily Fits into Any Standard Workflow
  • Offers Tremendous New Opportunities for the Dye-Sub Market
  • New Patent-Pending Polymer Chemistry
  • Optional 16” x 21.2” Fuze PreTreater Module Unit–Applies Fuze Liquid Solution Precisely on Cotton Fabrics
  • Made in the USA

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