CADLink FilmMaker RIP Trade-Up Plan

CADLink FilmMaker RIP Trade-Up Plan


• Trade-Up Your Old AccuRIP® to CADLink FilmMaker for Only $295
• Use CADLink FilmMaker on All Your Existing 24-inches and Below Screen Printers
• Ideal for Shops of All Sizes
• Outstanding Visual Production Manager


Have an Old or Non-Functioning Copy of AccuRIP® Software? 

Trade-Up to CADLink FilmMaker RIP--Only $295

Do You Have an Old Copy of AccuRIP® Software?

We Have Great News!

You Can Trade-up the Most Advanced Screen Print RIP - CADLink FilmMaker - for Only $295

  • Do you have AccuRIP® Software for Screen Printers?
  • Were you aware that Spot Process Separation Studio and AccuRIP are off the market until Spring 2021?

How to Qualify
In Order to Qualify for the Trade-up Plan, All You Need to Provide is either the dongle, a sales invoice or a screenshot of your serial number details from AccuRIP®. Once we have this info, your price for CADLink FilmMaker RIP designed for all printers 24-inches and under is $295.

*ACCURIP® is a registered trademark of Freehand Graphics. Graphics One is not an affiliate or licensee of Freehand Graphics. Graphics One is not an authorized reseller of Freehand Graphics’ products.

Key Features

  • Outstanding Visual, Interactive Job Display and Layout
  • Direct to Driver Printing Option
  • Multiple Channel Black Ink Support
  • Ideal for Shops of All Sizes
  • Advanced Ink Density Controls
  • Highest Quality Precision Screening
  • Eliminates Moire Patterns with the Highest LPI Levels
  • Complete Halftone Controls
  • In-RIP Separations
  • Create multiple queues based on output type and requirements
  • Complete Control of Dot Shape, Screen Angle, Frequency and More

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