Introducing GO ColorMate RIP Production Imaging Software

GO ColorMate RIP

Production Imaging Software


Product Name

GO ColorMate RIP for Macintosh

  • GO ColorMate RIP SP (Screen Print)
  • GO ColorMate TT (Toner Transfer)
  • GO ColorMate RIP DS (Dye Sub)
  • GO ColorMate DTG / DTF (Direct-to-Garment and Direct-to-Film)
  • Other Vertical Applications


Graphics One is introducing a new family of production software named ColorMate RIP into the digital imaging market that will cover not only the markets that we are targeting with our turnkey systems but other printing applications that we will soon be involved in. The RIP software will be compatible with the Macintosh operating systems and will drive all of the printers that are appropriate for our offering. The ColorMate RIP family will be intuitive, fully-featured and offered with our value pricing.

Why ColorMate RIP?

Many users rightfully ask, is it not possible just to use the driver Macintosh driver that ships with the printer? Yes, it is possible, but in general only for the most basic printing needs. ColorMate RIP will help enhance the printing workflow, add advanced capabilities, provide color matching capabilities, process files at a much faster speed, control costs and provide cost efficiencies that a normal driver cannot do. In the end, ColorMate RIP software saves you time, money and provides capabilities not provided for by a standard driver.

Although ColorMate RIP offers advanced professional features not found in other RIPs or drivers, the workspace is designed with simplicity in mind without functionality being taken away.

Product Positioning

The ColorMate product line has been developed to provide fully featured capabilities with pricing that reflects the value being offered. Not only will the software offer world-class features, but over time, the product will be multiplatform, offer production scalability and institute new production techniques not found in other RIPs.

Target Markets

The philosophy of using ColorMate is its ease of use, but with feature sets for specific targeted applications or markets. The specialized versions are as follows:

  • GO ColorMate RIP SP (Screen Print)
    This will be used with our ScreenMate product to address the Macintosh market.
  • GO ColorMate TT (Toner Transfer)
    Graphics One will market the Macintosh version of our TT RIP for the OKI market.
  • GO ColorMate RIP DS (Dye Sub)
    Currently there is not a Mac-based RIP with value pricing in this market segment. This will be especially critical for users of 24-inch dye sub printers and above. One other capability of ColorMate is its ability to address full eight-color printers, including those printers using fluorescent colors.
  • GO ColorMate DTG / DTF (Direct-to-Garment and Direct-to-Film)
    Prism Inks has developed both DTG and DTF inks and is expected that Graphics One will have a full turnkey DTF solution in Q4 of 2021. The ColorMate DTG / DTF Mac-based product will be available prior to GO releasing a full turnkey system.

Launch Timeline

It is expected that the launch of each of the different vertical applications will occur as follows:

  • GO ColorMate RIP SP (Screen Print) Q3, 2021
  • GO ColorMate TT (Toner Transfer) Q3, 2021
  • GO ColorMate RIP DS (Dye Sub) Q3, 2021
  • GO ColorMate DTG / DTF (Direct-to-Garment and Direct-to-Film) Q4, 2021
  • There are several other versions that will be launched in 2022.

Key Product Features

The Key Product Features for the base ColorMate RIP are as follows:

  • Dongle-less Security
  • Single Page User-Friendly Interface
  • Capable of Supporting Printers Ranging From Desktop to Grand Format
  • Quick Set-up With GO Configuration
  • Preview Window with Zoom Capabilities
  • Auto and Manual Nesting
  • Templates Available
  • Advanced Workflow with Job Tracking
  • Crop / Registration Marks
  • Advanced Color Controls and Manipulation
  • Spot Color Management
  • Full ICC Profile Management Including Monitor Proofing
  • Adjustable Gradients for Smoothness
  • Stochastic or Traditional Screens
  • Multiple Language Versions
  • Cost Estimator
  • Customizable Hot Folders
  • Client-Server Capable
  • Print Reports with Details
  • Advanced Printer Controls
  • Single Printer with Each Package with Optional Printer Add-ons
  • Image Tiling with Overlaps and Borders
  • Native Macintosh Support
  • Supports All GO Products Plus Extensive Driver List
  • Support with Custom Features for Each Vertical Application

Why You Should Consider ColorMate

  • ColorMate offers the best value for any Mac-based RIP in this market segment.
  • ColorMate operation is simple with underlying professional features.
  • ColorMate improves printing production by saving time and money.
  • ColorMate color matching capabilities are enhanced with full ICC controls.
  • ColorMate enhances the production capabilities of any print engine.
  • ColorMate greatly improves the workflow and printing process with software tools.
  • ColorMate live training and support are continually available.

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