Graphics One Offers Two Film Positive Systems–GO ET-15000 SP and GO T3170x SP

Graphics One Offers Two Film Positive Systems

Complete Turnkey 24-inch and 13”x 19” Units



Graphics One has been offering the ScreenMate product line for imaging film positives for over a year now. Both systems were developed by Graphics One as complete turnkey film positive systems featuring two EPSON printers from the ET and T series of printers. The GO ScreenMate ET-15000 is a 13”x 19” printer and the GO ScreenMate T3170x has a width of 24-inches. Both systems come complete with everything needed to get started including free training and support.

What Do the Kits Include?

  • ScreenMate™ Film Positive Inks
    •  The leading color separation ink manufactured in the U.S.
  • ScreenMate™ Color Separation Film
    • Water-proof film specifically for film positive printing
  • CADLink FilmMaker RIP Software
    • Software Tools for Screen Printers with InRIP separations
  • ET-15000 13”x 19” or T3170x High Resolution Printer
    • Launched in 2020 with latest Micro Piezo technology

ScreenMate Ink and Film

Tailored specifically for use with the EPSON TFP print head, ScreenMate Ink is the leading film positive ink sold in North America. The reason for this is its outstanding UV blocking capability and ultra-high ink dmax. Additionally, ScreenMate film is the leading microporous and water-proof film available for the screen print market.

CADLink FilmMaker RIP

Both ScreenMate systems include CADLink’s FilmMaker RIP for controlling the printer’s output for this screen print application. Without a doubt FilmMaker offers ease-of-use with sophisticated controls, image workflow management, patented screens, InRIP separations and many other features make this the best software for screen printers.

What are the GO advantages?

The GO ScreenMate systems are a far better solution and here are the reasons why:

  • Better ink and lower price
  • Better RIP including In-RIP color separation included—Over 65 LPI with Precision Screening
  • Lower priced film
  • Latest technology printer platform
  • Full turnkey system with technical support

List Price and Availability

The GO ScreenMate ET-15000 SP system has a list price of $1,449 and the ScreenMate T3170x systems have a list price of $3,499 and are available from Graphics One.

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