Graphics One Offers Four Different Professional Mug Heat Presses

Graphics One started with an initial launch of just one mug press: the Xpress 11-ounce manual press. Our single station manual mug press has a list price of $199 and sold so well that we are adding additional types of mug presses to our line-up.

Graphics One recently added three new mug presses to its lineup with far more efficiencies than our traditional single station mug unit. We now are offering two new dual mug press units with dual manual and dual electric mug presses. Additionally, we have added a 5-in-1 press that allows a user to image up to five mugs per cycle. The list price for the dual manual press is $319 and for the electric version $359. The 5-in-1 unit is priced at $599.

Different Mug Sizes

With the exception of our 5-in-1 unit, all of our mug presses offer interchangeable and different sized mug wrap elements from 2.5 ounces up to 17 ounces. We maintain inventory of all the different sized mug wrap elements. All units ship standard with 11 ounce mug elements including our 5-in-1 unit, which does not offer interchangeable sizes.

Graphics One has one of the most complete offerings of heat presses in the business, from small desktop to large format heat presses and calendars.

Questions? Interested in Our Products?

Questions? Interested in Our Products?

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