Graphics One Launches GO T3170x DS (Dye Sublimation System)

Graphics One Launches GO T3170x DS (Dye Sublimation System)

24-inch Professional Dye Sub to Cotton and to Polyester

Graphics One is announcing the release of its new 24-inch GO T3170x DS dye sub turnkey printing system.

Featuring advanced new printer technology, the system includes the latest print head technology, outstanding imaging quality, fast print speeds, dye sub inks, dye sub paper and Wi-fi connectivity using native smart tablet and smart phone applications for dye sub imaging. Additionally, the printer is capable of imaging both dye sub to cotton and dye sub to polyester out of the box. Having the ability to image both roll feed and cutsheet media makes the unit very versatile.

Amir Ajanee, Managing Partner, Graphics One stated, “Many of our customers have requested a fully integrated professional 24-inch dye sub printer with the capability to have professional color and professional workflow capabilities for efficient dye sub work. Our T3170x DS Pro version includes CADLink’s Digital Factory Sublimation software RIP for exacting color and for industrial dye sublimation production.”

Ajanee added, “Additionally, many have been very impressed with our new GO software bundle launched with our new desktop systems and have requested the same capability for larger sized printers. This market leading software comes bundled with our GO T3170x DS system and capability includes cloud-based design software, native smart phone and smart tablet apps, 500,000 premium images (up to 140 million available), 30,000 templates, links to social media sites, online collaboration, unlimited online graphics storage and has many other unique capabilities.”

The GO T3170x DS base system includes two sets of CMYK 140 ml bottles with SubliMate Dye Sub Ink, two rolls of 24” x 328’ SubliMate Dye Sub paper, GO Software Bundle, warranty and ongoing support. The list price for the new GO T3170x DS system is $2,999.

The systems is shipping now and will be available through the extensive Graphics One distribution network.

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