GO SubliMate FAQs Introducing SubliMate Self-Dispersing Ink

GO SubliMate FAQs

New SubliMate Self Dispersing Ink

Q. What is the technology behind GO’s new Self Dispersing SubliMate Dye Sub Ink?

A. The dye sub particles are designed to repel one another and as a result materially increase jetting reliability, shelf life, image quality, image durability, and color consistency. Traditional dye sub inks have particles that over time start to combine and eventually cause nozzle dropouts to start, or worse, complete clogging of the print head occurs.

Q. Where is the GO self-dispersing SubliMate Ink manufactured?

A. The self-dispersing SubliMate Inks are Made in USA and are manufactured by Prism Inks in Sunnyvale, California.

Q. Is this new version of ink compatible with previous versions of SubliMate Ink?

A. Although previous versions of the ink are compatible, however the Black density is higher, and the new set offers larger color gamut. As such we have developed ICC profiles that match this new version of inks. It is therefore required that all colors be changed at one time. New ICC profiles must also be used, as ICC profiles are specific to the version of the ink that is being used.

Q. What is the process for changing from a previous generation dye sub ink to the self-dispersing SubliMate ink?

A. Graphics One has developed a process for changing the inks that can be accessed in the Knowledge Base located at www.graphicsone.com.

Q. Are the ICC profiles different for the latest version of SubliMate?

A. Yes, the profiles change for each version of dye sub ink we offer. You will need to install full sets of ink and the appropriate ICC profiles in order to properly match colors.

Q. Do you offer self-dispersing SubliMate ink for printheads other than Micro TFP printheads?

A. Initially we had only developed self-dispersing SubliMate inks for use with Micro TFP printheads featured on GO dye sub printers. Recently we have also completed the development of self-dispersing SubliMate inks for DX5 and DX7 printheads.

Q. Are the MicroTFP and DX dye sub inks compatible?

A. No, the different types of printheads require differently physical properties of the inks, which makes them incompatible.

GO DS (Dye Sub) Turnkey Systems

Q. How many different sizes of dye sub systems does Graphics One offer?

A. Graphics One currently offers three turnkey systems: ET-2720 DS 8.5”x 14”, ET-15000 DS 13”x 19” and T3170x DS 24-inch roll / cut sheet.

Q. What is included with each turnkey system?

A. Each of our dye sub systems include full sets of ink, paper, printer, software bundle, GO Fuze dye sub to cotton kit, training and support.

Q. What is the List Price for each system?

A. The List Price is $599 for the ET-2720 DS, $1,199 for the ET-15000 and $2,699 for the T3170x DS system.

Q. What is the List Price for GO SulibMate Dye Sub Ink?

A. The List Price SubliMate Dye Sub Ink for 140 mls bottles is $25 and for 70 mls $16.

GO Fuze Dye Sub to Cotton Kit

Q. How does the GO Fuze Dye Sub to Cotton solution work?

A. All a user needs to do is “Spray & Press” the GO Fuze solution on the cotton. We have an excellent video that shows the entire process that can be viewed by clicking here: GO Fuze Video.

Q. What is the cost for one liter of GO Fuze liquid?

A. The list price is $59.

Q. Where is the GO Fuze manufactured?

A. GO Fuze is manufactured by Prism Inks, a sister company to Graphics One in Sunnyvale, California USA.

GO Software Bundle

Q. What is included with the GO Software Bundle that comes with each system?

A. The Graphics One Software Bundle includes three components: ICC profiles, Cricut / Sillouhette design software processes and an online graphics design software for designing dye sub images.

Q. What does the online software include?

A. GO includes over 100 dye sub blank outlines, 500,000 premier images, 30,000 templates, free online storage, online collaboration and a multitude of other unique capabilities.

Q. Is the software Android and iOS capable?

A. Yes, the software has native apps for both Android and iOS. All of our dye sub printers have expanded Wi-fi capabilities and can be driven by smart phones and smart tablets.

GOSubliMate Dye Sub Paper

Q. What is unique about GO’s SubliMate Dye Sub Paper?

A. GO SubliMate Dye Sub Paper includes an Ultra Transfer Coating for high level release of dye sub ink to the substrate being imaged. Additionally, our dye sub paper is extremely porous which allows very fast drying times.

Q. Do you offer different versions of SubliMate Dye Sub Paper?

A. Yes, we offer both hybrid and tack versions of the paper including cut sheet and rolls.

Free SubliMate Training

Q. Does Graphics One offer FREE SubliMate training?

A. Yes, anyone who is considering or has purchased GO DS systems can participate in training sessions.

Questions? Interested in Our Products?

Questions? Interested in Our Products?

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