GO SubliMate™ Dye Sub Paper–Five Top Features

  • High Tech Base Paper with 50% More Porosity
  • Quick Dry Even with Heavy Ink Loads
  • Ultra-transfer Coating for 95% Transfer Rate
  • Base Paper and Coatings Developed Specifically for Sublimation
  • Both Hybrid and Tack Coatings for Versatility

GO SubliMate Dye Sub Paper was developed as a complete solution, including the base paper, the coatings and GO SubliMate Ink. As a complete solution, GO SubliMate offers the best value for dye sublimation users. GO provides ICC color profiles.

GO SubliMate base paper was specifically designed as a sublimation base to offer maximum porosity – this means our paper transfers more ink and dries much faster than any other dye sub paper. Our porosity level is 165ml/min vs most other papers at less than 110ml/min. Additionally, the base paper curls less and is easier to handle as a result of its high porosity.

GO SubliMate coatings were developed for specific applications. Our hybrid coating is one of the world’s most advanced with its unique ability to work well with both hard surface and soft surface transfers. The tacking coating prevents ghosting and other issues associated with paper shifting or substrate shrinkage.

GO SubliMate ink transfer rate is above 95% due to Ultra-transfer coatings and the base paper used for this product.

GO SubliMate is quick dry, even with high density ink loading of up to 280%. Not only does the ink dry, but the results will be deep colors with sharp images.

Questions? Interested in Our Products?

Questions? Interested in Our Products?

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